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Julie Isaac

Student & Teacher of Zentangle

Seeking a better work-life balance, my husband and I closed our family-run mortgage company of 25 years. I selected Zentangle as something new to try as a creative pursuit for my newfound free time. I ended up connecting with Julie Alison, CZT in December 2019. Julie is a wonderful teacher and I was very fortunate to have had her start me on my Zentangle journey. Within the year of learning Zentangle, I was interested in getting CTZ training, so that I could share the fun with others. I love the simplicity of Zentangle as an art form and a pastime, and I love the meditative and therapeutic value it brings to life.


Step 01 – Get comfortable, take a few deep breaths and feel gratitude and appreciation – for this beautiful paper, for these wonderful tools, for this opportunity to create something beautiful...

...You are more imaginative, talented and creative than you think. You will be amazed at what you can create. We invite you to find out.  


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