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What is Zentangle?

The Zentangle™ Method of drawing was developed by Rick Richards and Maria Thomas.

Zentangle is the mindful and repetitive drawing  of patterns, called Tangles, onto a square paper tile. The results may look complex, but it's easy and relaxing because each tangle is created with a series of steps and easy strokes. 

Family Friendly

An excellent option for multi-generational, wireless family fun. If you can write your name, you can tangle!

Home School &


Students love the no-judgement zone, and the bonus improved focus, confidence, self-regulation and deliberation of thought. 


Tangling has a very soothing effect on stress, depression, grief, and pain.


As we age we want to keep our minds nimble and our lives filled with meaning. Making beautiful art fosters feelings of contentment, inspiration, and community. 

Artists & Crafters

Calling quilters, scrapbookers, digital artist, painters, flower arrangers, and basket weavers. If you already have a creative itch, then you'll find joy here!


Boost morale and employee wellness with Zentangle instruction. The break from the grind and the screen time will leave staff feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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