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A Tapestry of Tiles

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


Recently I was fortunate to spend time touring the beautiful country of Portugal. My stops included the vibrant capital city of Lisbon, the second largest cultural-center Porto, and many small towns between. Each city and town a rich tapestry of colorful tiles (azulejos) that beautify the architecture. A Zentanglers dream! The tiles of Portugal serve as inspiration for these Zentangle tiles, the new Portoo stepout, and this post. I hope you are inspired too.

Portugal’s building facades, shops, homes, churches, and subway stations are covered in an array of tiles that showcase a fascinating range of colors, designs, and motifs. The tiles are a wellspring of inspiration for Zentangle art. Geometric patterns and flowing motifs… the play of lines, curves, colors, and shapes fill Portugal with a creative energy. The vibrant tiles infuse streets and neighborhoods with a unique visual language and an exceptionally artistic expression.

Let’s try to capture the essence of los azulejos with Zentangle! Click thru the slideshow above to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Portuguese tiles. Let your imagination flow and we’ll see if our tiles will embody the spirit of Portugal!

Also, a shoutout to Sandra Cancela CZT of Porto, Portugal, who I had the pleasure of meeting on this trip! Thank you for the warm welcome, Sandra, and happy tangling!

Please Note: Most of the photos in this post are mine, but I've also included some free stock photos from Unsplash. The additional photo creds go to Maxine Ficheux,Diego García, Dário Gomes, and Catarina Carvalho.

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