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Today this cool image came across my screen and my immediate thought was to tangle it. What a happy surprise that it was so simple to create arches and circles with ease. No planning and no accuracy. Just perfect for the Zentangle® way of things!

So here is the stepout. Like with the tangle Pepper, you may choose to begin with your pencil and lightly sketch a string arch, or not! First comes the keystone, in architecture also know as the voussoir (pronounced ‘voo-swar’). Then build on either side with alternating wedges and flats (I see popsicle sticks). It won’t matter much if you need to break that pattern sometimes to keep the shape forming. Just get an easy flow and don’t overthink it. “Trust the process”, says my friend Irene!

Like the art of Zentangle, rock balancing is considered a creative and therapeutic art that exercises focus. While we are advised not to build rock structures in the wild, I hope you will enjoy building Zentangle arches with Toku.


Pairs nicely with: Boulder Builder by Bunny (Frances) Wright CZT 13

Can also make a lovely reticula.

Toku stepout

Toku stepout
Download PDF • 183KB

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Derek Isaac
Derek Isaac
Feb 14, 2023

Need more content like this!

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