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❄Let It Snow ❄

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Embracing the coming of winter with some snowflake inspirations.

Brr_Stepout_V2 By Julie Isaac
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Random & Potentially Interesting Snowy Facts to Inspire You

(These facts are gathered from the internet, so they must be true.)

1. All snowflakes have six sides.

2. Each winter in the U.S.A. at least 1 septillion snowflakes fall from the sky. That’s 24 zeros! 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

3. The complex shape of the snowflake is formed when water vapor from a cloud assembles on top of ice particles.

4. A curved side on an ice crystal is rare but not impossible. More likely is that light makes the crystal look curved or bent.

5. Using only triangles, the Koch Snowflake is a mathematical term for this shape, created by putting triangles onto triangles, much like a tangle step out. It has an infinite perimeter! #kochsnowflake

Snowy & Warm Grooves to Entertain you while you Tangle your Tangles

Snowy Tangles to Inspire

Black tiles with white, grey, or metallic gelly roll pens were ideal for these ❄snowy❄ results!

Consider starting with a windy winter string done with white charcoal pencil.

Black tile with white string and gelly roll colors.
Black tile with white string and gelly roll colors.


Here are a couple snowy tangles to pair nicely with Brr, plus a tangle-tip for each:

  • Syng- Create a facetted effect with an inside aura and connected corners.

  • Ahh - A small center circle, lightly drawn in pencil, is a great place to start this tangle. Blend that out after.

  • Kaboom - You could keep it simple and stick to six sides or go nuts and build it big. Try using that same idea of inner aura connected at corners to create a beveled or facetted look.

  • Splish- Linda Farmer offers a couple tips for using this snowy tangle.


Zentangle for Procreate

Sometimes I just can't help myself but to see what will happen when tangling tangles in Procreate for iPad. While I am a beginner with Procreate, I figured there must be some cool brush or effect to discover, that could make my snowflakes crystal-like. The Liquify tool was fun to try, set to Crystals (screenshot below). In the second image I had some fun playing with three paintbrushes under Luminance; Glimmer, Lightpen, and Flare. Creds to Taylor Edmonson who created a series of beautiful palettes to use in Procreate, and generously shared them in a Facebook group. I've shared the Wonderland pallet again here.

Zentangle Gratitude

If you live where winter is about to ramp up, I wish for you warm and cozy indoor places to tangle. I am honored that you read this post all the way to the bottom, and thankful for the wonderful people that are the Zentangle community! Happy tangling! Please share your results here!

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