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New Tools to Tinker With - Embracing the Unplanned

In a world of carefully coordinated calendars and life-logistics, there's an allure to the unplanned and spontaneous nature of the Zentangle Method®.  Far beyond the visual art form seen showcased on social media, the Zentangle Method is a specific set of steps that we take with the purpose of enjoying the process, without a plan for its outcome. The paradox lies in its structured approach—eight gentle and flexible steps that unlock creativity.

In this post I briefly share two new tools designed to help you to tangle in the absence of a predetermined plan. They are completely free of charge to use and enrich your Zentangle practice.

Do you know the expression, “That’s so random!”? You'll find the first tool in today’s tangle toolbox on this page. Click the button to get a randomly picked Zentangle tangle and a link to an image of the stepout. Use the “That’s SO Random” tangle generator any time you tangle and stay in keeping with the unplanned as a guiding principle.


In the same spirit of exploring the unplanned, I bring you a new & innovative tool for your tangle toolbox- the Mood Detangler. Answer five simple multiple-choice questions about your mood, focus, and wishes, and the Mood Detangler will suggest a tangle for you based on your responses! It’s another opportunity to be deliberately focused on your journey, without concern for the destination.

Photo creds to Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

I hope you will explore these tools to enhance your own Zentangle practice, and I welcome your thoughts or comments below.  


Important Note on Links:

Whenever possible, the links provided by the tangle generating tools go to original posts or stepouts by Zentangle Inc. Some of the stepouts have been created by me. Some of the stepouts are sourced from the internet by unknown artists. I do not claim ownership or representation of such stepouts as being creations of my own or of Zentangle Inc. If you have concerns about any links or wish to report dead links, please contact Please be aware that certain links are beyond my direct control. Your understanding and feedback are appreciated. 

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